Why party with us in Prague?

Prague is beautiful and safe.

With a flight time of just over 2 hours from the UK, it’s easy to see why Prague became the ideal choice for a trip with friends.

Expect a continental weather in the city of Prague. It is pleasant in both the spring and autumn months alike making them an ideal time for visit. The average temperature during the summer is approximately 23ºC.

Prague is regarded as one of the Europe’s most beautiful cities. With its stunning gothic architecture, fairytale castles and cathedrals, buskers and street artists on the Charles Bridge, the Petrin Tower (the smaller version of the Eiffel Tower), romantic river side, great restaurants, late-night dancing clubs, trendy night clubs and much more, you’ll have trouble to fit it all in just one trip.

Last but not least, Prague is still regarded as one of the safest cities in the world. Of course you have to beware of pickpockets as in any other big city, but is is very seldom that some

Prague has most exciting nightlife with almost no regulations, best beer and gorgeous girls

When night time falls, the city really comes to life with its bustling bars and nightclubs. You will find that beer is drunk in the morning, noon and night, and that Czech beers belong to the best and cheapest in the world. You should not skip tasting a local plum brandy – Slivovice, or the local famous Absinth which is legal in the Czech Republic.

The city has over the years earnt itself something of a reputation for being the stag night capital of Europe. Over the years the city has earnt a reputation as an excelent place for stag dos. Why? The laws are quite deliberately ambiguous. There is almost no alcohol regulation in the Czech Republic. And let it be clear immediately, Prague is sex city.There is infinite number of strip clubs, massage parlours, quasi-legal brothels, escort services and swingers clubs in the city. Moreover you can always visit some of most popular night clubs or discotheques and try your luck among many gorgeous girls there.

PragueParty knows the best nightlife in Prague

Prices and quality vary widely from the very tourist centre – Old Town and Wenceslas Square to cozy or fancy bars and clubs just hundreds of meters away. Higher price does not automatically mean higher quality. We know which places are worth visiting and what places are just looking for easy and quick money.

It is also necessary to point out that some clubs are quite small, and get very busy on weekends. PragueParty will secure that your trip will go smoothly without unnecessary searching and waiting. We can arrange a reservation for you so you will walk stright in.

Though Prague is a safe city there are a couple of golden rules to follow to ensure you stay out of troubles. PragueParty will guide you through your weekend so your only worry will be just how to enjoy your stay and bring back home nice memories.

PragueParty is a party specialist with an individual approach

What makes PragueParty different from the others? The answer is simple: our level of experience.We know far more about the party life in Prague then others.

All trips can be ‘tailor-made’. It does not exist anything what can´t be changed. There is nothing that can´t be ordered. Total flexibility –that is our motto!

Our aim is to make your Prague trip as rich and unforgettable as possible.

Our enthusiastic team is proud of their personal and flexible approach and we pay attention to details. When you order a trip with PragueParty you can be sure that your happiness will be our top priority.